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The College of Phlebology provides a forum for the communication of information about veins, vein treatments and associated subjects both between professionals and between professionals and the public.

All of the contributions are the opinions of the contributor and are posted in good faith by The College of Phlebology. The College of Phlebology does not endorse, or necessarily agree with, any of the opinions expressed within The College of Phlebology’s websites and therefore cannot take any responsibility for the opinions expressed or the conclusions reached.

All content provided by professionals or the public are the responsibility of the submitting author and any institution or company that they represent. The College of PhlebologyTM encourages discussion about veins and venous conditions and as such, will allow most opinions to be aired and contrary opinions to be published for balance, provided all opinions are fair and accurate.

The College reserves the right to remove, or not to display, any offensive material, or any material that is deemed inaccurate, in bad taste, or advertising a product or service.

In all cases, The College of Phlebology reserves the right to make the final decision as to what is displayed on their websites. However, if any content on the The College of Phlebology causes concerns or offense, we are very happy to reconsider our decision to display it and would encourage interested parties to contact us with any concerns. Please email to discuss any concerns you have.